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Slik was born on the 13th of June, 2001, in Melbourne, Australia. Started his musical journey at the age of 4, whereby he commenced classical training on piano. Whilst training with a highly acclaimed classical teacher – he discovered composers such as Mozart, Beethoven, and Bach which had a major influence on his playing. It was at the age of 5 that Slik picked up his first guitar, the day his father gave him his old Stratocaster. He spent his early years studying the playing styles of his idols; Andy Summers, Jimmy Page, John Frusciante, Kurt Kobain, Kirk Hammet, James Hetfield etc. By the age of 8, he began writing his own songs and continues to this very day, with major influences being his favourite bands; The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Nirvana, Stone Temple Pilots, Queen, Metallica and many more. In 2017 Slik had auditioned for a Jazz/rock band where he met Nathan Stone and they developed an immediate bond with one another. Due to the creative differences and lack of passion from the other members in that band, he decided to leave and further his passion for songwriting. For the next two years, and after countless auditions, Slik had not found any members that had the same passion and commitment as himself to further life as a dedicated musician. He decided to contact Nathan and sent him song demos and after jamming together both realized they have special chemistry of musicianship. In August 2019, after answering an ad for ‘guitarist needed’, Ed Seagoon arrived with his trademark Lacoste slippers and jammed with both Slik and Nathan. That momentous jam cemented Ed as a member of Naked Face.


Born on the 10th of December 1999 in Huntingdon, England, Eddy Seagoon first picked up a guitar the day he stole his older brother’s birthday present at the age of 5. Moving to Sydney at a young age, he began to develop a taste for the classic Led Zeppelin and Chili Peppers riffs from his first teacher. Some years on, he found himself belting out Nirvana tracks in his bedroom to deal with a dosage of teen angst, and discovered his passion for expressing human emotions through the voice. Finally, moving to Melbourne to pursue his own music inspired by modern artists like King Krule and Hiatus Kaiyote, Eddy stumbled into Naked Face and found himself quickly settled in with two close mates and their collective sound.

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Nathan stone was born in Adelaide south Australia 1999. Growing up watching his uncle play the drums Nathan quickly gravitated towards them. After showing immense passion to his instrument Nathan got his first drumkit at age 9. Nathan then started private drum lessons and would smash the kit every day jamming to bands such as Foo Fighters, Blink 182, Paramore, Green day, and Nirvana. So much so that he quickly adopted the nickname “the little drummer boy” from his neighbours. Nathan is heavily influenced and draws most of his inspiration from drummers such as Dave Grohl, Matt Mcguire, Taylor Hawkins and Travis Barker.